Brief summary of the events in Daraa up till now – 12/7/2012

The Union of Horan Coordination Committees

Brief summary of the events in Daraa up till now – 12/7/2012

Regime’s militias continue to bombardment the villages of Daraa. Activists have report that Tareeq Al Sad district, Da’el’s towns, Al Yaroudeh, and Tafs are being subjected to some very heavy shelling since after today’s afternoon. Several civilians got consequently wounded and a number of houses got harmed/destroyed.

Activists have also reported that yet again, regime’s militias invaded besieged and disaster-stricken Kufr Shames town today as they opened some very heavy gunfire, leading to the martyrdom of civilian Burhan Al Zo’bi. A huge number of elderly civilians got arrested. The town has nearly become abandoned after most of its civilians fled it because of the savage military campaign the regime’s militias have been carrying out for the 25th day in a town. Electricity, water, and all basic needs for survival still are cut off from the area.

In Da’el, the Syrian Revolution General Commission activist have reported that the city and since the afternoon, is still being subjected to some very heavy mortar bombardment that led to the injury of several civilians, amongst them some severe injuries. Reports say a civilian got martyred. Several houses got destroyed after begin directly targeted by the shelling.

–Destruction caused by the bombardment targeting Da’el – 12/7/2012

In the early morning, AlHerak city was also subjected to some very heavy tank and mortar bombardment carried out by regime’s militias in Gen.52 located in the city. Nearby Almah town was also subjected to some very heavy gunfire that directly targeted houses; the regime’s militias in Air Force defense brigade located in the town are the ones who opened this gunfire.

–Destruction caused by the bombardment that targeted Al Herak – 12/7/2012

–A girl praying against Assads after having their house destroyed – 12/7/2012

In Kherbet Ghazaeh, regime’s militias tightened their siege over the town and set up new barriers where they arrested more than 80 civilians. Helicopters were extensively hovering over the city.

In Al Gharyah town, witnesses said that heavy clashes took place between the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s army. No reports of any casualties yet. Note that the corpses of the 2 unidentified martyrs that were ground yesterday in Al Sheikh Meskeen city and bore some severe signs of torture actually belong to 2 civilians from Jasem city. Their names were:
Martyr Ahmed Al Da’aas Al Halqi
Yousef Ahmed Al Shalbi
Their corpses were handed in to their families today.
18 corpses were found in an earlier time in Sheikh Meskeen yesterday; they were specifically found dumped and nearly totally decomposed on the outskirts of the city. Only 2 of them were identified. Reports said that they are defected soldiers who got executed by regime’s militias then dumped there.

Busr Al Hareer city is also being subjected to some very heavy bombardment that led to the destruction of several houses in the city.

–Destruction in the houses of Busr Al Hareer – 12/7/2012


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